1. Pavel Aryel 6 string Midi Bass.

This bass was made by Pavel de la Fuente in 2013, it has a unique features like a Ghost system by graphtech and Midi system. i play this bass mostly in my solo work, you can combine the sound of the bass with electric piezzo and Midi sounds of the GR55 by Roland.

2. Pavel Jazz Bass.

This bass was made by Pavel de la Fuente in 2017, it's good to have a 5 string bass with a ´60 Jazz bass vibe, i asked to Pavel to build a special bass with a low B and a bright sound, specially for slap. I use this bass mostly for commercial music and tv shows where i work. 

3. EBS REIDMAR  750.

It´s good to have this wonderful amp, is exactly what i need, is very light to carry it everywhere but very powerful sound with a 750w power.

4. EBS Neoline speakers 112

I have 2 speakers, one at the studio and the other at home. i like them because the have a very  bright/modern sound. 1 speaker for small gigs, and 2 speakers for big venues. there are very light and easy to carry everywhere. 

5. Mono.

Simply the best cases in the world. i have Vertigo for 1 bass and the Dual case for 2 basses. 

6. Ergostraps

Ergostaps  the best straps, proudly made in Chile.